EGU Leonardo Conference 2012
Hydrology and Society
Connections between Hydrology and:
Population dynamics,Policy making
and Power Generation

Torino (Italy) 14-16 November 2012

The "EGU Leonardo Topical Conference Series on the Hydrological Cycle" is a cycle of Conferences taking places every year in Europe to host scientific discussions focused on specific topics around the Hydrological Cycle.
This year’s topic is directed also to non-hydrologists, trying to bridge issues coming from themes that are relevant for the Society to solutions possibly coming from the scientific research in Hydrology.
The pressures on water resources coming from the increase in population and from the energy demand are two key issues to develop in the Conference; the third issue refers to the Science contributions to the development of effective policies at State and Union levels. Abstracts on original work and case studies are solicited with particular reference to the Conference Themes.





Conference Brochure