The specific Themes of this topical conference are:

Hydrology and Population pressure under global change

  • Impact of societal adaptations and human induced land changes on catchment hydrology
  • Water relevance in trade and agriculture in emerging countries
  • Virtual water and food security
  • Desertification and primary water requirements
  • Open science (data and tools) for the sustainable development

Hydrology and water-related Policies

  • Opportunities and problems in the implementation of the international protocols and EU environmental legislation
  • Water policies supporting agriculture and trade
  • EU and international programs impact on the research in Hydrology
  • Interplay between the EU and member states water regulations
  • Economic policy instruments and regulations measures for water management

Hydrology and Power availability for sustainable development

  • Environmental sustainability and water conflicts related to hydropower
  • Hydrological tools for assessing policies of hydropower efficiency
  • Climatological implications in energy production from the sea
  • Water-related energy issues in developed and emerging countries
  • Water as an integrating element for renewable energies 

Cross-Cutting Theme, in collaboration with the Kulturisk Project:                    Governance of Water-related Risks


Contributions are sought for presentations on state-of-the-art research and real-world case studies in water research, in particular related to the global change in climate, population dynamics, and water and energy availability.

Keynote presentations will provide an overview of current research and a look at future challenges in the interactions between hydrology and society. Poster presentations (with a short introduction) will be the main form of presentation. Adequate time will be available for discussions.